The Sanity Experiment

I promised I’d let you know how my sanity is holding up under the strain of sharing my home. Truthfully, it hasn’t been as bad as I had feared. There were certainly some initial challenges, especially since I have expectations about the way things are done. For example, I was taught that when you leave a room, you turn the lights out. I always lock the door, of my house and my car, when I leave them. I never start a new box of cereal while there’s still some of the same cereal left. If I open something that says “refrigerate after opening”, I put it in the refrigerator. If I wash the dishes, I don’t leave any food on the plates at the end.

Some of these issues I’ve been able to sort out. Others, I’ve learned to mitigate or accept. A few are still eating at my sanity, so perhaps I’ll have another report for you in the future.

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