I’ve sung the songs that call Jesus “the hope of nations”. I know that “gospel” means good news. Yet, from time to time, I lose my connection with that. It’s partially because I’ve been wrong a lot. I’ve learned that nothing is really good or bad, but that it’s all about who you’re talking to at the moment. What one person considers wonderful, the next considers an abomination. I’ve learned it’s just safer to assume that nothing is an absolute good.

Then, I’m confronted with Jesus. A man who cared for the alien, who gave healing to the sick, and friendship to the sinner. A man who saw the wickedness of the human race, yet gave grace to those who knew they didn’t deserve it. A man who spoke out against the corruption of religion. A man who forgave the soldiers who drove nails into his wrists. A man who died in the place of the rebels who rejected him.

If that is what God is like, isn’t that good news for us all?

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