The End of Insanity?

The day finally arrived. Our house guest has found herself a new place to live. To say she has “moved out” may be a bit of an overstatement, as many boxes of her things still remain in our library. Still, she is spending her nights at her new house, and has returned one of the keys we gave her.

We’ve started the process of restoring our house to its previous state, and taking inventory of theĀ things that appear to have left along with our guest. Kelly has been passing along her findings to our guest so that they can be returned to us.

I suppose all of this demands a summary, so that my future self can check here if memory fails. Overall, I think I would gladly allow another displaced person to reside here for a while. In fact, we’ve still got a few of those offers open at the moment.

What I would do differently, however, is to restrict future guests more strictly at first. Allowing someone free access to the house has proven to be very stressful for Kelly, as her plans around the house often end up being the victim. Setting boundaries may help to ensure that Kelly doesn’t end up completely frustratedĀ at the end.

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