Monster Patrol 1.02

The location of the Monster Patrol headquarters was an especially well-guarded secret, even in a city known for its secrets. The helicopter carrying James descended on the rooftop of a nearby office building. In the back, Greyfang fought against the bonds that held him tight. A medic administered another syringe of tranquilizers. James walked with the flight crew to a secure freight elevator which took them to the detention center deep below the city streets. The crew dragged Greyfang to a cell. Screeches, howls, and screams erupted from the others prisoners. James parted ways with the crew there and began the long underground walk to the Monster Patrol head office.

From the outside, the building appeared like any other. Even a close inspection would reveal nothing out of the ordinary. If the security was a bit tight, that was to be expected in this day and age. Deep inside, far away from prying eyes, were the offices that ran Monster Patrol operations around the globe. James was headed to the very center, to an office with no windows. The sign on the door read “D. Robertson”, but everyone called him “Chief”.

The Chief didn’t believe in having a secretary. James let himself in. The gray office walls were decorated with paintings. They differed subtly every time James visited. Behind the black granite desk sat the Chief. His close-cropped blonde hair had turned white around the edges, but he was still powerfully built. His piercing blue eyes looked over small dark glasses. His face bore a continual scowl of displeasure.

“James.” The Chief’s face remained frozen. “Glad to see you’re doing well. I wish I could say the same for the Jefferson Memorial.”

“Relax Chief, it’s not like anyone goes there anyway.”

“We’ll clean it up. We’ve already got a restoration crew working on fixing the marble. In the meantime, it will be closed for a private fundraiser. Did you get any useful intel out of the werewolf lord?”

“He wasn’t ready to talk just yet. The boys down in interrogation will find out why he’s in the city soon enough.”

“It’s not your task anymore. There are bigger things afoot. All the details are in this file.” He passed a large envelope across his desk. “Try not to start a war.”

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