The Hypnotizer

Mommy and Daddy are up to more dirty tricks. It all began the other night when I had a very important point that I felt needed to be addressed. I don’t remember now what that point was, for reasons you’ll soon understand.

It was growing late and Mommy and Daddy were being as thick-headed as ever. To be honest, I was beginning to wear down myself, when suddenly Mommy reaches into her big brown bag and pulled out a package. She took it to another room and returned a few minutes later carrying a nefarious device.

I tried to protest, but they forced the device into my mouth while I was still speaking. A powerful urge overtook me. Try as I might, I could not free my lips from the device’s grasp. It seemed to pull me in. I felt my jaw moving completely on its own, and then I blacked out. I awoke many hours later in a completely different part of the house!

One can only guess at what sort of mischief the parents got into while I was under this strange spell. I’m going to have a serious talk with them. If they don’t get their acts together, I’m not sure this arrangement is going to work out.

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