The New Problem

I’ve been here for almost two months now, and I think Mommy and Daddy are starting to get to me. When they started using the hypnotizer on me I didn’t realize just what they had done. Yes, it seemed like a nasty trick, but then the hypnotizer was gone again and things returned to normal. A few nights later, Mommy and Daddy tried the same trick again. I tried to humor them. After all, they’re only parents.

But when they tried it a third time, I had to draw the line. I spit out the hypnotizer and let them know exactly what I thought about their behavior. That’s when it started. My mouth started sucking, even though I didn’t have the hypnotizer anymore. Soon all I could think about was having the hypnotizer back. I couldn’t rest until it was returned to me.

It kept getting worse and worse. Even during the day I’d find my jaw moving on its own. At night I lay awake, thinking about the hypnotizer. I can’t sleep without anymore. Just being laid down brings thoughts of it to my mind. I have to admit the facts. I have an addiction. Do any babies out there know of a good recovery group?

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