Trust Building Exercises

You all know about the trouble I’ve had with the parents lately. At times I wonder if it’s even worth sticking with it. They seem downright untrainable. I know I shouldn’t be too hard on them. They’re not very bright and, honestly, just about completely helpless. It would be wrong to abandon them. Who knows what they’d do on their own? I just need to try a different approach.

Given all of the shenanigans that they have pulled recently, I need to let them know that I’m still here for them. Of course, I have to keep things simple. Mommy and Daddy aren’t at a level where I can really deal with them as equals. I decided to encourage a bit of team spirit with a few games. To keep it at the parents’ level I chose guessing games that even they can grasp. Games like “Guess if I’m asleep”, “Guess if the diaper will hold”, and “Guess what I really want.” Mommy and Daddy are actually pretty bad at these games, but I give them credit for trying. If they continue showing this much enthusiasm, I may finally be able to get them on the right track.

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