Personal Space

I have a circular toy bench. It has toys that light up and make noises, and toys I can bop and pull. Conveniently, there is a seat right in the center so I can reach all the toys. It’s a great place to go when I need to get away from the parents for a while.

Unfortunately, Daddy can’t keep his hands off my toys. He’s always moving them around. If I pull the blocks off my alligator and throw them over the side, he puts them back. I’ve explained that he’s covering up the pretty buttons, but he doesn’t listen.

If I push the parrot around so it’s standing on its head, Daddy will spin it back. If I knock the monkeys off the top of the arch, Daddy will push them back up. I feel like I spend half my time just undoing his behavior. I really need to have a conversation with him about personal property.

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