The Boxes

When working with parents, it’s always a struggle to avoid getting too far ahead of their developmental level. I have to hold myself back and realize that they’re not going to catch onto concepts as quickly as I’d like. I must confess, sometimes it’s really hard to be patient with them, but, honestly, I think I do better than most babies would if they had to put up with these parents.

For example, at floor level in the tall room are shelves of toys and brightly colored boxes. It’s obvious to anyone that I’m supposed to play with them. Yet when Mommy or Daddy take me there, they always put me far away from the boxes. If I decide to go to them on my own, without inconveniencing the parents in any way, they’ll chase me down and drag me away from them, even though I’ve made it quite clear that I want to stay there. I swear, sometimes it seems like they’re deliberately obstructing my goals. Yet instead of punishing them, as I’d like, I just wait until they’ve left and then return to the boxes. Maybe, with time and training, they’ll catch on. A baby can hope.

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