Stronghold – Preview

“Let’s check the robot’s camera feed.”

Click. The robot blinks to life. Eric waits at the programming laptop for the wireless connection.

“Hey, this motor isn’t plugged in.”

Click. The robot goes dark. Thirty seconds pass.

“How are we supposed to check the camera without power?”

“Oh yeah. Eric, we turned off the robot.”

“It’s ridiculous how we have to relearn the same lessons every year. We should write down what went wrong and go over it at the beginning of next season.”

“Connor, we did that this season, and look what happened.”

“Oh yeah. But, like, the arm outside of the robot. Every year we have one and every year it gets broken. We even made this year’s arm from quarter-inch steel, and it still got destroyed. We shouldn’t be extending outside of the bumpers.”

Twenty feet away, Tory and Gavin work feverishly to attach new aluminum arms to extend outside the bumpers.

“Gavin did a terrible job taping these wires. I can do better.”

Connor grabs the scissors and cuts through the delicate encoder wires taped inside.

“Henry, that motor is already attached.”

“What?” Henry asks, tugging it from the robot and snapping the data cable.

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