Going Native

I’m starting to fear all my time with the parents is having an effect on me. I know, how could someone like me ever be influenced by the likes of them? Still I wonder…

Sometimes I swear they can communicate. Mostly they just babble after their normal fashion, but there are moments when one of them will make noises and the other will perform an action, or one parent will point at something and make the same noise over and over. Odder still, they make those same noises later and act as if I should understand. Worse than that, sometimes I almost think I can. It’s as if they’re trying to talk. Am I sinking to their level?

Property Rights

Hello my adoring public. I haven’t said much recently, but there’s a good reason. You know that I always try to keep things positive, and the truth is there’s been little positive happening with the parents lately. I feel like they’re regressing instead of progressing.

I’ve been quite busy over the past month. Being naturally industrious, I have started collecting treasures around the house. This duty falls to me because the parents are, simply put, terrible at such things. Not only are they very poor observers, but their eyes are so ridiculously far from the floor that they couldn’t possibly hope to see anything of value. Realizing their frailty, I have taken it upon myself.

I try to be generous and share some of what I find, but the parents are becoming increasingly vexing. It seems as though every time I find some new treasure, a parent swoops in and steals it. They don’t even ask. They just grab it away. If I try to keep it for myself, they actually physically pry it from my hands. And then they act as though somehow I’m the one being bad.

I don’t know where I went wrong with them.