Hand Holding

The challenges of working with parents are greatly compounded by their inability to follow even the simplest directions. When I want them to go one way they invariably go the other. I had almost accepted this as insurmountable until a recent development opened up the possibility of change. I have discovered that if I grab the parents by the fingers I can drag them anywhere in the house. The key is to lean your weight forward and tug. Every time you gain an inch, plant your feet and repeat the process. In no time you’ll have pulled the parents to any room, no conversation required.

One important thing to note is that this process can be done in steps. For example, if I want to go to my toys, I can drag a parent over to the toy, release them, grab the toy, and then resume leading the parent to another room. If your parent loses focus and begins to wander away, whine and grab its leg. That works every time.

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