Hardware Woes

The date was February 2nd, 2018. I had noticed that one of Kelly’s favorite Chuck Norris movies was curiously truncated to a little over five minutes. No problem. I have been slowly updating our collection from .avi to .mkv anyhow. I put the DVD into my trusty workstation and a few minutes later I had Chuck Norris in better quality than ever before.

All that remained was to copy it to our house’s network storage and we would be able to enjoy Chuck from any computer in the house. But something curious happened. My file wouldn’t copy. In fact, my network storage device was curiously unresponsive to any input. Finally I rebooted it, to find that it contained no files. Since it has previously housed over a terabyte of music, movies, and documents, that seemed potentially troubling.

It did, however, remind me of something. I had set up our network storage with RAID 1, meaning that there are two hard drives that are identical mirrors of each other. If one fails, I can take it out and put in a new one that will become another identical copy. It’s relatively self-explanatory. If you have two copies of the data then as long as both hard drives don’t fail at the same time you will never lose your data. There are a few complications, but that covers the basics.

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Snow Removal

I was telling you about snow and the parents’ fundamental misunderstanding of it the other day. You’ll probably find this hard to believe, but it’s even worse than I first let on.

Every time it snows Daddy rushes outside with a shovel. I know what you’re thinking: He’s has to gather up as much of that snow as he can before anyone else takes it. After all, I’ve seen those big tractors running up and down the road carrying it off like they own the place. It would make sense to collect it before those greedy fellows stole it all. Unfortunately, he’s actually doing quite the opposite. I have found him, on multiple occasions, getting rid of the snow! Just when you thought parental behavior could not become any more baffling.

Fortunately, the Grand Parents that I told you about before anticipated this eventuality and provided me with my own shovel to thwart Daddy’s ludicrous endeavor. Now when I see that an area is getting low on snow, I can carry snow from a place with more and redistribute it, maintaining the snowy atmosphere. As always, faithful reader, you can count on me to keep the world in balance.

The Meaning of Snow

It turns out, once again, that the parents have been holding out on me. I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon that happens occasionally when it is cold. Everything outside my house turns white. The parents call this “snow”.

I actually experienced this “snow” a long time ago. The parents even made me put on a heavy coat, big boots, and go outside and touch it. It was a distinctly unpleasant experience. Cold and boring. Naturally, I made them take me back inside the nice warm house right away.

But, as I said, it turns out the parents were holding out on me. Or maybe they just didn’t know. They can be rather simple sometimes. Fortunately, I have made alliances with wise children. My friend Natalie knows everything. She showed me the truth: Snow is for picking up in big lumps and throwing at people.

It all makes so much more sense now.