Let There Be Lights

Posted on Thu, Oct 19 2017 in Miranda Rants

Life is all about discovery. I try to explain this to the parents, but they just say "Take that out of your mouth, Miranda." One recent discovery has really changed my appreciation for the marvels of our universe. Did you know that there are small switches on the walls that make lights? It's true. I wouldn't have believed it either, except that I've tried them for myself. It's magical.

I think all of you out there in my audience already know how much I enjoy spreading light, and now I can do it literally. As you can no doubt guess, this has not been without some nay-saying from the parents. "Miranda, don't turn on lights you aren't using. Miranda, turn out the lights when you leave a room." I guess I can't blame them. If I looked like a parent I'd probably stay in the dark too. What, too mean? It's all in good fun... Mostly.

The parents are not above using these switches of light themselves, but they don't seem to understand their full potential. They're always switching lights off instead of on. I'd like to think it's just an accident, but they seem to deliberately want only a few lights on at a time.

The worst is when they walk into a room and don't even turn on the lights. Naturally I, being the helpful spreader of lightness that I am, try to correct their oversight, and they object. "Miranda, it's light outside." We're not outside, now are we Daddy? We're inside. Turn on the lights.