Narrow Minded

Posted on Thu, Sep 27 2018 in Miranda Rants

Hello, loyal and faithful readers. I apologize for my long absence, but the parents have been particularly troublesome lately. I know, I always think they can't get worse, or at least that I won't be surprised when they do, and yet...

As you all know, the parents are terribly small minded, and this causes no end of difficulty for me. Obviously I am as understanding and caring as a person can be, but even so it puts a tremendous strain on me. For example, the parents don't seem to grasp even the most basic of situations.

Is it really that hard to understand that I want the toy and don't want the toy, equally strongly and at the same time? How can they not comprehend that when I demand to be both indoors and outdoors, it is their job to make that happen, not to ask silly questions like "Which one do you want?"

If any of you out there have experience enlightening parents, please share your secrets. I'm beginning to suspect that mine may be defective.