Posted on Thu, Nov 24 2022 in Bob's Journal

It's Thanksgiving yet again, an increasingly controversial holiday. Like so many have before me, I'm going to ignore all that and just be thankful.

I'm thankful to you for visiting this site and reading my words, even if it's not on Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful to the countless mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and programmers who have given us the internet as we have it today. Without all of their often thankless work, so much of what I do to provide for my family would be impossible, or at least far less pleasant.

I'm thankful to all the doctors and nurses who, despite increasingly unhinged conspiracy theories about their motivations, have kept on doing what they can to keep their patients safe.

I'm thankful to the teachers and librarians who carry on educating everyone who wants to learn, even if that's being made increasingly difficult by those who don't understand education.

I'm thankful to all of the election officials who continue to make sure that democratic elections can be carried out despite increasing distrust and polarization. I'm even thankful to all of the candidates that made election denial a part of their campaign and yet have conceded when it's become clear they've lost.

I'm thankful to the remaining reporters and media outlets who care more about distributing accurate information than pushing an agenda, and are willing to publish true information regardless of who it will benefit.

I'm thankful to the artists, poets, authors, musicians, songwriters, actors, and filmmakers who invest their time and talents into crafting beautiful pieces of art for others to enjoy.

I'm thankful to all the firefighters, EMTs, and social workers who have dedicated their lives to salvaging terrible situations.

I'm thankful to scientists in so many different fields who continue to push forward our understanding of the universe around us, and open the doors to ever greater discoveries. I'm especially thankful to those scientists who use their expertise to help humanity have a reason to be optimistic about the future.

I'm thankful to every person who has the opportunity to act selfishly and instead acts in the interest of others. No matter how small, it's these acts of love and cooperation that give me hope that there are bright days ahead.

Thank you.