The Meaning of Snow

Posted on Fri, Mar 9 2018 in Miranda Rants

It turns out, once again, that the parents have been holding out on me. I've noticed a strange phenomenon that happens occasionally when it is cold. Everything outside my house turns white. The parents call this "snow".

I actually experienced this "snow" a long time ago. The parents even made me put on a heavy coat, big boots, and go outside and touch it. It was a distinctly unpleasant experience. Cold and boring. Naturally, I made them take me back inside the nice warm house right away.

But, as I said, it turns out the parents were holding out on me. Or maybe they just didn't know. They can be rather simple sometimes. Fortunately, I have made alliances with wise children. My friend Natalie knows everything. She showed me the truth: Snow is for picking up in big lumps and throwing at people.

It all makes so much more sense now.